The Biological Engineering

Bioengineering also known as Biological engineering is the application of methods and concepts of mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry to solve the problems in life science. Bioengineering uses the same mathematical and physical sciences as engineering to develop body of knowledge called Molecular biology, which studies many aspects of living organisms.

Bioengineering is a science discipline that was founded base on biological sciences. One of its important applications is to analyzed and solve problems related to the health of humans. Bio engineering roots are determined from being pure biology. This application utilizes the methods of relying on reductionist that approaches to identify and the organization of the fundamental units which are integrated to generate something new.

Bioengineering has a base that applies the principles of engineering to a large size range of systems and complexities that range from the molecular level such as biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, microbiology, cytology, protein chemistry, neurobiology, etc. A biological engineer is the individual who uses the principles of biology and usage of the tools. Heinz Wolf was a British broadcaster and scientist who coined the word Bioengineering on 1954.