Alzheimer's Disease Vaccine On Sight

Thanks to brilliant efforts in medical research and bio engineering, an Alzheimer vaccine could be available by the year 2013. Although it is not expected to fully cure Alzheimer's Disease altogether, experts predict that it will be able to stop the disease on its tracks and even reverse the damage suffered by the brain in certain cases. This possible Alzheimer's treatment would be considered to be, without a doubt, one of the major breakthroughs of medical science of the last decade.

This main component of the Alzheimer vaccine is Bapineuzumab, a fully humanized monoclonal antibody which counters the beta amyloid protein blamed for this condition. Currently, the Alzheimer vaccine is being tested on 10,000 patients world-wide, and encouraging results are expected as clinical test results begin to be obtained. There are approximately 26 million patients with AD around the world, a staggering figure that makes research for an Alzheimer vaccine a most urgent issue. The progression and degradation of the cognitive function of a person who suffers from this disease is, to say the least, a traumatic process which brutally victimizes not only the AD sufferer, but also his or her family as they have to witness the relentless decline of their loved one as the disease progresses.

Because of its ability to stop the disease on the spot, this may be the first drug of its kind as far as AD is concerned.